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Business Technology Systems

TeleData Technologies provides A-Z business technology systems to secure, streamline, and safeguard your company. Our expertise lies in helping businesses of all sizes, and across all industries, to leverage the power of technology, to your advantage. Our premium business technology services provide real results, with improvements in efficiency, productivity, security, and communication.

Our team of designers, engineers, and installers works with leading tech manufacturers to create custom business technology solutions to meet your needs. Whether you require an upgrade to your audio-visual systems, need to install new alarms and CCTV systems, or build a structured cabling, our professionals can help. If you’re unsure where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

TeleData Technologies offers premium wireless systems for your business. We are experts in custom designing, installing, maintaining, and servicing wireless systems. In addition, our partnerships with the wireless industry’s best-in-class manufacturers provide additional value to you.


TeleData Technologies is a leading provider of CCTV services in Las Vegas, Reno, Bozeman, & Albuquerque. Our experienced team will help you design a CCTV service that will enable you to protect your facility, inventory, customers, and employees.


The peace of mind that comes from controlling who accesses your office or facility is invaluable. TeleData Technologies is a recognized leader in the design and installation of access control systems, for main entrances and restricted areas..


As a recognized and reputable technology integrator, TeleData Technologies builds custom structured cabling systems to meet your unique needs. Our engineers prioritize bandwidth, capacity, network performance, energy efficiency, and technology migration.


Accessing your data is paramount in today’s world. At TeleData Technologies, our team ensures your data center has the speed and bandwidth you demand. We provide the reliable cable and fiber backbone you need to maintain your data center infrastructure. .

TeleData Technologies provides state-of-the-art nurse call systems to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and medical centers. Enhanced safety and efficiency are quickly realized with our modern, fully integrated nurse call systems.

Meticulous attention to detail goes into the audio-visual systems for businesses that we design and install. Focusing on functionality and flexibility, our expertise includes the installation of multi-screen video walls, sophisticated audio systems, digital signage, and conference room control..


TeleData leverages our experience to maximize the benefits of technology in fire safety. From simple but effective, to multi-layered fire alarm systems for your business, we help keep you up to code and prepared to act in an emergency.. fire tileable borders
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